This is my biggest problem with all of the Jalopnik reviews... they are all written by people with limited experience pushing a variety of cars at their limits. You good Sir should start writing articles and rid us of the useless hyperbole that comes from all other Jalopnik reviewers. » 7/02/14 2:51am 7/02/14 2:51am

The obvious advice for any car buyer is to buy a car that is in the sweet spot of the depreciation curve. For normal cars this is based on MY and miles. Most cars fall under the mean of this curve, but for Ferrari's mileage is a more dominant driver of price than the normal car. What I'm trying to say is if you buy a… » 3/13/14 12:25am 3/13/14 12:25am

If you're eyeing Porsches now, you'll wind up there eventually. So why postpone the inevitable? That said you should realize that just because the car is in the $30k range, it still costs like a $70k car to repair. Maintenance is not bad, but when things go wrong it can get expensive quick. Plus they eat tires and… » 1/21/14 10:36am 1/21/14 10:36am

Honestly I thought the OP was just trolling when he wrote that. This is just more proof the Jalopnik and Oppo are filling with articles written by idiots who consider themselves enthusiasts, yet have never owned a Porsche in their life and have no clue what they are talking about. » 1/05/14 12:25pm 1/05/14 12:25pm